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Australian Dairy Products Federation

Australian Dairy Products Federation

The Australian Dairy Products Federation (ADPF) is the peak policy body for commercial or non-farm members of the Australian dairy industry. The ADPF plays an important role in consistently promoting the dairy industry domestically and internationally, and its members take action to promote and protect their collective interests.

The ADPF promotes the consumption of dairy products through improvements in manufacturing, marketing and distribution, and fosters positive relationships with the dairy industry to ensure members’ input on fitting issues. It represents and promotes the dairy processing sector on a national and international level.

The ADPF partners with Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) to form the Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC) – Australian dairy’s peak representational body.

The ADPF’s 2015-16 highlights include  

  • Worked in collaboration with ADF and DA on the ADIC Investment Plan.
  • Contributed to finding solutions to fixing the whole of industry value chain.
  • Facilitated industry dialogue on contensious domestic issues such as genetic modification, recombinant Bovin Somatotropin, and adoption of new technologies.
  • Further develop the Dairy Industry Sustainability Platform.
  • Actively promote the National Health and Medical Research Council - Australian Dietary Guidelines.
  • Developing new trade oppotunities for the ADPF members  
  • Read more in the ADF Annual Review 2015-16.

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